Antique Carriage Lamp Late 18th Century Or 1800 Horse Buggy Lantern Candle Torch


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Antique Carriage Lamp 18th Century Or 1800s Horse Buggy Lantern Candle Torch.

Up for sale is a nice early early antique carriage lamp with old green paint. It is most likely from the late 1700’s or early 1800’s which can be verified by construction and style. It has wonderful curved glass outside with vented ribs above lamp. It has some crude cut mirrors on the back side to act as light reflectors. It used to have a candle in it and there is a spring inside the handle to keep pushing the candle up as it burns. This is a wonderful example of an early antique carriage lantern.

The candle lamp has lots of rough patina, scratches, scrapes and minor dents and dings consistent with age. The mirrors in the back and overall construction is very crude. The glass side lamps are a little loose but holding firm and the lamp and hinged door are in very sturdy condition. There also may be a finial missing on the top of the lamp as there is a dent, a crack and 2 holes.

The lamp is 22 1/2” long by 5” wide.

Please see photos for details.

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